"Golden Rock I"

Contemporary Coffee Table ft. White Onyx top and solid brass base in “Satin” finish

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When one hears the term, “Golden Rock”, it’s hard not to envisage scenes of regal beauty.

A mansion of gold glittering in the sunset, or a fabled mountain of treasure in the American Wild West, with unspoken riches hiding within.

The Golden Rock is an exclusive coffee table, which its original look made its debut at Luxury Made 2016 in London, for which it was specifically designed and built.

The purpose was to combine two styles: minimalism and art deco, which together make up an entirely different dimension of designed interiors.


Dimensions: H 11.8″ x W 43.3″ (39.4″ stone top) x D 43.3″(39.4″ stone top)


This work is exclusively produced and sold by GRZEGORZ MAJKA LTD in a limited 8 pieces edition.


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