"Explore I"

Contemporary coffee table ft. Baykal Cristal quartzite and solid brass elements in satin finish

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Introducing the Explore Collection: Unleash Your Creativity with Unconventional Elegance


Step into a realm of limitless design possibilities with our latest innovation, the Explore Collection. This avant-garde series of tables embodies the spirit of exploration, inviting designers and architects to embark on a creative journey like no other. With an ingenious combination of table tops crafted from stone, glass, and brass, paired with exquisite brass bases, the Explore Collection promises a new horizon of artistic expression.


Join Our World of Design


Each table from the Explore Collection is a canvas waiting to be transformed by your vision.

Step into our world of design, where each piece is a masterpiece, meticulously curated to transcend the ordinary. The Explore Collection is not just about tables; it’s about pushing the boundaries of design and turning dreams into reality. Let your imagination roam free and create environments that tell captivating stories.


„Explore Collection – a symphony of stone, glass, brass, and boundless imagination”


This work is exclusively produced and sold by GRZEGORZ MAJKA LTD in a limited 8 pieces edition.


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