"Epicure V"

Contemporary Coffee Table ft. Venom and Patagonia quartzites with solid brass elements in “Satin” finish

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Luxury doesn’t always follow the common patterns. Luxury goes beyond and almost like one of the best gourmets joins varied experiences, ingredients, recipes into one.


Exactly like our new piece of art called „”The Epicure’’, which could not present its beauty by itself. Only with the help of the other elements reveals the one complete part, one complete ’’island’’.


Following this idea, we have selected the unique volcanic material such as Brazilian Quartzities Patagonia and Venom. 

Satin finish highlights the irregular shapes, veins, and the pits of the stone element designed by the Mother Nature.


The solid brass elements in “Satin” finish highly effects the sophisticated and tasty look of the whole part.



The Epicure V – Patagonia & Venom quartzities – H 13″ x W 58″ x D 40″


This work is exclusively produced and sold by GRZEGORZ MAJKA LTD in a limited 8 pieces edition.


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